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FEDORA  is a creative learning lab of APICIUS International School of Hospitality.

It is a part of the school and represents the institution’s approach to experiential learning.

At FEDORA, students and supervising faculty create high quality, versatile, and both traditional and innovative menus.


Fedora is a school pastry shop where learning is a key ingredient that we experiment. Professional and cultural experiences come together at Fedora, the experiential learning center for APICIUS. The foundation’s objective to promote cultural integration finds its core in Apicius students, who have the opportunity to interact only a daily basis with the Italian and foreign communities in Florence while putting into practice concepts learned in the classroom of Fedora during their studies abroad. Whether you are ordering a meal, a glass of wine or an espresso, or asking about events at Fedora, you are sustaining through direct interaction an Apicius student’s technical skills, potential, communication, and overall experience in Florence, Italy.

The following experiential learning courses are available to Apicius Career program students:


Hospitality Management –  Hospitality Management and Special Event Management

Food, Wine, and Wellness Studies – Baking and Pastry Certificate Career Programs


For more detailed information on the specific roles and tasks of Ganzo course offerings please see Certificate Career Page.